About Us


 In July of 2014 our dream of owning a farm came true!

We wanted a place our children could play, learn responsibilities, and enjoy the land while growing up. We loved the idea of having a place to ride horses, fish in a pond and take care of all the farm animals we could get!

It was during the purchase of this property we realized the beauty of this amazing place- as did others who came to visit! Even before we had completed the purchase of the farm we had family and friends voicing their desires about possibly turning the farm into a wedding venue- WE AGREED!

Our first priority was naming the farm- which was no easy task! We wanted it to have special meaning to us as a family, but also wanted it to resonate with others as they passed by the farm or used our venue for their special day.

Five months before we purchased the farm, my mother passed away from cancer, after only being diagnosed just six short weeks earlier. We had always planned on her living with us when she got "old". Unfortunately, she never got the chance to see this amazing place, but we know we are still "linked" to her by the "Cross". We wanted others to know our Christian faith has formed our family and that the cross links us and all families together through Jesus. While sitting out on the veranda one morning, I could see the beautiful rolling pastures in the background and decided meadows described the land perfectly. Hence, Crosslink Meadows was conceived!​​ We feel like God has truly blessed our family with this amazing property and we look forward to sharing it with yours!

God Bless!

Mickey, Rene', Camden, Carissa, and Natalie